Hunger Games: Part One


Hunger Games: Part One

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach

In this multi-part series I hope to start unraveling the science behind the phenomenon we call weight loss. My hope is that through an understanding of the mechanisms responsible for obesity and body-fat accumulation as well as body-fat loss and leanness, we will be able to target the causative agents behind the physical appearance. I must give credit where credit is due and the following people provide excellent information concerning this topic: Chris Kresser (, Robb Wolf (, Gary Taubes (, and Stephen Guyenet ( The remainder of this series will describe why someone gets fat in the first place, specific targets for intelligent interventions to facilitate fat loss, and current theories in the fat loss game. Let’s get cracking!

Why We Get Fat

Gimme yo French fries


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